For 5 years, Adam has maintained a blog at www.adamsliwinski.blogspot.com.

Most recently, he wrote about how working on Dan Trueman’s Prepared Digital Piano challenged his notions of how we adapt to new practices and ideas.

In 2014, Adam was invited to contribute 4 essays to newmusicbox.org.

  • In The Mutual Benefit Balance, he describes some of the pragmatic considerations composers and performers can observe when searching for satisfying collaborations.
  • Making New (New) Music is about the process that generates great work. The bond of trust between composer and performer(s) is essential, because sometimes radical ideas and crazy left turn produce the best work.
  • An Expanding Paradigm chronicles an ensemble’s growth, from rigidly defined restrictions – which are often necessary to hash out an early identity – to a practically wide open vision of what’s possible. It also tackles the thorny issue of cultural appropriation in music.
  • Sometimes Music encourages us to always leave room for surprise. We should never be so attached to a style, aesthetic, or school that we leave our ears deadened to what marvelous music may be out there.

Adam has also written a chapter for the forthcoming Cambridge Companion to Percussion, published by Cambridge University Press. The chapter is entitled “Lost and Found: Percussion Chamber Music and the Modern Age.” It serves as an introduction to the recent history of the percussion ensemble, and ties together strains of thought from the last 15 years of musical activity.